For the User Researcher

Uncover User Needs with User Research


I was a UX designer who asked so many questions that I became a full fledged UX researcher. For every design decision I made, I kept questioning, why, why why? What are users intending to do here? What is their underlying motivation? I knew I would need to set up studies to answer these questions, so I delved deep into the realm of human psychology, research methods, and techniques to develop the toolset I needed to answer those questions.

This particular book set is especially special because it includes “Observing the User Experience,” the first research book ever recommended to me during my first UX internship. It’s an incredible book rich with actionable methodologies, that is now OUT OF PRINT. I actually have 2 copies, and I’m keeping one of them. But this one can be handed off to you.

-LaiYee Ho

This collection includes these books (the actual copies I own), a custom printed note from me, wrapped and packaged with love.

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