For the Quantitative UX Researcher

Quantifying Research Insights


“Is that statistically significant?”

“How large was your sample size?”

I was faced with many challenging questions when I built up a research practice that primarily used ethnographic and 1x1 interview methods. I struggled with defending my research when my sample sizes were so small, which pushed me to delve deep into the craft of survey methodology. My hope was to pair quantitatively backed validation of the rich insights I found in small studies.

There are strengths and weaknesses to both large sample surveys that provide a broad view, as well as small sample in depth research that provide rich, in-depth narratives. If you’re looking to learn methodologies to add to your research toolset, this is the set for you! 

-LaiYee Ho

This collection includes these books (the actual copies I own), a custom printed note from me, wrapped and packaged with love.

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